Doyers Street Seasonal Plaza
Doyers' Dragon
New York City, Chinatown, 2018

Our proposal for Doyers Seasonal Street Art celebrates the rich and complex history of Doyers street by using the iconic Chinese symbol of a dragon in an abstract, contemporary and multi-layered way. Upon approach, the overall flowing gesture creates an impactful first impression, enticing people to continue and explore further. The meandering of the dragon-like red and golden pattern accentuate the sense of flow while also creating pockets that suggest zones for seating and tables, where people might rest and interact with vendors along the street. This static and dynamic interplay is further reinforced by the abstract quality of the pattern, with the dot-matrix that allows the pattern to fuse and disappear into the existing street texture.
The red and gold colors of the dot-pattern connote Chinatown’s heritage, while the predominant red color also makes reference to the bloody history of Doyers street, known as the deadliest street in the country in the nineteenth century.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon
Client: Chinatown Partnership & BID