Evolve Physical Therapy Space
New York City, 2017
New Office and therapy treatment on the Upper East Side

The project entails the renovation of an existing commercial space for an expanding physical therapy clinic. The design aims to create a sense of continuity and movement within the existing U shaped plan. A new closet and bathroom core condenses program elements to the middle of the space, opening up as much space as possible for exercises and therapy workouts. There is an elegant separation between the administrative front end of the space and the main physical therapy exercise space through the use of a change in flooring material and lighting strategy. A continuous recessed linear cove lighting element in the ceiling flows along the length of the space. As suspended curved wood screen is coordinated with the front desk adding a sense of materiality and visual continuity.

Client: Evolve Physical Therapy
Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, e+i studio partners
Fabrication: NYC Builders