Birding Tents
New York City, 2017
Socrates Park Installation

In thinking about how art and the communal life of the park intersect, it seems important to also address the broader non-human community. With this project we are interested in bringing awareness to birds living and migrating to our ur­ban environment. While this is not the only focus of the proposal, it is an added component that "Birding tents" provides; it could become a place to view and feed birds, while also supporting other programs that take place below the tent canopy. The tents are conceived as efficient triangulation system, made up from folded Cherry wood veneer units, that repeat in clusters of three to create a sturdy canopy unit. The tent is designed so that the components can nest, for fast and easy trans­portability. There is efficiency starting from fabrication to the installation, to the storing of the tents. Each tent can be demounted and reinstalled elsewhere in ten minutes, with 2 people per tent.

Design Team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, with Yotam Ben Hur