Strada Dinamica
Chicago. 2016
Ceramics of Italy pavilion for Coverings Expo

Strada Dinamica is conceived as a lively Italian streetscape that favors movement and dynamic interactions over stationary gathering. The series of long interlocking communal standing tables, made up of modular reconfigurable elements, create the dynamic winding streetscape and provide welcoming casual dining surfaces. The 300 square foot pavilion incites a constant flow in and around the dynamic tablescape and the two programmed sculptural kiosks. The main service functions of information, coffee, food catered events and storage are housed in the two free form kiosk structures that can also be used in alternate configurations for different events and conditions. The project embodies a sense of dynamic movement that is emphasized through the use of horizontal lines of sight and a striated design across all elements of the design.This effect is materialized with a striated wooden lower structure of grooved curved panels for the kiosks and a similarly striated overhanging canopy made up of a lightweight stretched fabric over a curved metallic structure.

Client: Ceramics of Italy
Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, e+i studio partners
Offsite Fabrication: A&M Production
Onsite Assembly: Freeman