Liquid Light
Environmental Installation, Singapore.2016
Marina Bay Festival

Liquid light aims to use the power of lighting and aesthetics to create awareness on a pressing environmental global issue: overfishing and by catch. Every year millions of cod and halibut are wasted when fishermen reach their quota, and hundreds of thousands of depleted reef fish are discarded dead because they are too small to keep. The installation uses colored fishing net and solar powered light rings embedded in the net to create a surreal underwater effect. Developed by SafetyNet Technologies the solution of using LED light rings aims to increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, allowing for undesired fish to “escape” through these light rings, guided by the light. The fishing net is suspended from a series of rings resembling ripples in water, made from steel gage wire connected to a main structure of aluminium tubing. The experience of the installation is intimate and playful yet its presence on the helix bridge is iconic complementing and enhancing the festival with a colored lit structure jutting out slightly over the bridge lookout.

Design team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, with Hakan Westergren and Andreas Fernandez