Amenity Spaces
Landscape and amenities for residential complex
North Carolina, 2016

The project consists in the design and implementation of a new amenity landscape created with a simple canopy structure that visually and experientially ties together all the amenities and communal spaces. A series of canopy structures populate the landscape forming a u-type shape that embraces and unites, as well as provides strategic sheltered and shaded areas to support the community gathering functions, such as playing volley ball, bocci, barbeque cookout, or just hanging out on hammocks. The canopy’s aim to frame the landscape, while uniting the different functional elements. The canopy structure provide support for hammocks and lighting, and various fields of ground cover serve to identify zones of use. A wood framed gazebo shelter is situated at the far of the site, overlooking the expansive open space beyond.

Design team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, with Hakan Westergren and Andreas Fernandez