Winter installation. 2015
Winnipeg, Canada

“iceGlow” is composed of molded interlocking “iceBricks”, custom colored with food dye, to create a striking variation of color and light for the warming hut enclosure. iceGlow explores the poetic effects of water in its solid form, with the striking effects of color and light. It appears as a colorful, light-filtering glow that shelters and warms amid the snowy landscape. Each iceBrick module is created by filling a 14” balloon with dye colored water and squeezed into a reusable wood CNC digitally fabricated mold. When frozen, the iceBrick is an interlocking unit that can assemble in multipleszz to create an encompassing enclosure that welcomes and hugs the visitor. The interior is articulated with a gentle wood seating topography of laminated birch plywood panels that offer comfort and rest along the skate path.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, e+i studio partners
Location:Red River Trail, Winnipeg, Manitoba.