Beijing Showroom
Beijing, China. 2015

The goal of the client was to create a high-end showroom for showcasing collectible artworks and design objects of varied scales and values. It will hold a unique collection in China that consist of handmade and limited edition objects of extraordinary artistic value. The current space for the Freeport Art Centre, located in central Beijing, is composed of 3 very differently sized spaces; a small gallery, a large gallery, and the main exhibit hall. The project aims to connect these three spaces, literally and visually, while still affording them a different character, suited to the display of differently sized artwork. The challenge was how to integrate a new function into existing space without compromising its exhibition capacities and spatial flexibility. This is achieved in a two-fold way: first, by stringing the spaces together with a continuous flow of ‘light lines’ on the ceiling plane that flow from one space to the other, second, by creating a threshold between these spaces, that while marking their difference also unites them, enabling them to host exhibitions and events of different kind..

team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Jonathon Koewler, Hakan Westergren, assistants