Ice Hut
Winnipeg, Canada. 2013
international competition

The ICE HUT appears as a crisp, translucent, shelter amid the snowy landscape- it is like a frozen moment along the skating path, opening towards it to offer a welcoming soft interior that flows as if it were water… as if the exterior ice was melting away... The ICE HUT explores the contrasting effects of water in its solid and liquid form through a jagged and faceted icecube-like exterior that contrasts with the liquid-like ‘soft’ interior of sinuous curves. This is achieved by highly articulating the exterior and interior surfaces of a rib-like structural system of parallel profiles. This rib-like structure, constructed out of eco polycarbonate sheets, creates a striking and ever-changing visual effect as one walks around the hut, and an encompassing and womb-like interior articulated with seating surfaces, generated with wooden profiles anchored directly to the skid. These are all connected together via a threaded rod system we call ICE LINES: a dynamic composition mapped by the artist to reinforce the shelter both physically and also conceptually; with the idea of a cracking/ melting of the exterior ice form, as well as resonating with the crisscross lines left on the ice by skaters.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Collaborating artist: Adrienne Reynolds