Eyewear Popup Space
Pier 57, New York City. 2013
temporary store

This popup eyewear store, for a high-end eyewear designer was to be inside a shipping container and deployed on pier 57 overlooking the Hudson river during a summer festival. The project proposes a series of clustered columns that serve as spatial display elements. Each column is made of up of a series of stackable modular units, which are both structural units and visual display cases. The columns have an anthropomorphic dimension to them, an almost human like scale that invites viewers to approach and interact with the context, in the similar way that one may explore and roam through the remnant columns of the Roman forum. We envisioned that these elements would become remnants themselves: each display unit becomes the eyewear-case for the customer who buys it, so with every eyewear purchase, one stacked brick would disappear. And in the span of the festival, the columns would get smaller until totally disappearing at the closing.
The freestanding column elements on the exterior of the shipping container serve as visual markers that locate the installation on an urban scale and extend into the interiority of the space. These columns are strategically clustered and positioned to invite visitors inside, navigating the visitor flow, guiding them to explore and approach the different eyewear displays.

e+i: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners