Collider Activity Center
Sofia, Bulgaria. 2013
international competition

The project emerges from the interaction/collision of two main flow forces on the site; the ACTIVE flow and the ACTIVE RELAXATION flow, that provide a strategy to organize the program elements: those related to extreme activity on one flow and those more relaxing and leisure-oriented on the other. However, as they weave together through site and building the physical and programmatic boundaries of these flows blur and interrelated programs and spatial juxtapositions emerge, a sense of excitement and surprise. Highly porous and interconnected both internally and externally, the main gestures of the building flow around the central leaf-like space of the greenhouse; a tall glass covered, operable roof, space that visually links and interconnects all spaces around it whilst connecting us back to the natural elements of the landscape and park spaces beyond.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Yuki Nakayama, intern