infomedia totem
Coverings Expo 2013 -2015
travelling structure, built

Designed for Piazza Ceramica at Coverings 2013 in Atlanta, this information totem is comprised of modular parts that placed at a particular rotation one from the other create an ever-changing sculptural structure. The effect is such as one walks down the expo aisles the structure's form is always changing, inciting movement around it. The aim of the totem is twofold; first it acts like an icon or landmark for Ceramics of Italy within the expo, making the logo and company brand visible from afar; second it functions as a media hub, where people can access the interactive screen to gather further information about the event. The color gradient from green to white to red also blend in with the italian colors of the pavilion around it.

e+i: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
fabricators: AeM production