Piazza Ceramica
Orlando, Florida. 2012
Pavilion for Ceramics of Italy Coverings Expo
travelled to: Atlanta 2013, Las Vegas 2014, Orlando 2015

The proposal for Piazza Ceramica, the winning competition entry for Ceramics of Italy pavilion held in October 2012, emerged from the idea of gently lifting the opposite corners of the given 50x60 platform, affording the opportunity to elegantly house the required program elements of café, information, and restaurant below. The project design was driven by two main strategies; on the one hand a strong inspiration in the Italian Piazza, as an inviting open public space often articulated with gradual steps that serve as seating zones for social interaction; and on the other, a wish to extensively showcase Italian ceramic tile. This double strategy came together as Piazza Ceramica: an open public space articulated with subtle yet visually striking piazza-like steps in gradients of color achieved entirely by strategic placement of different ceramic tiles.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, e+i studio
Client: Ceramics of Italy, Confindustria Ceramica, in cooperation with Italian Trade Commission
US representative: Novita' PR
Structural Consultant: Zak Kostura, ARUP
Construction: A&M Production Water jet cutting: Stratos MATERIALS CREDITS Ceramic Tile: Atlas Concorde, Caesar Ceramiche, Ceramica Lea, Emilceramica, Fioranese, Florim, Marazzi Grout: Mapei Nosing: Profilpas Chemical Products: Fila Chemicals