Daegu Gosan Public Library
Daegu Gosan, S. Korea. 2012
Daegu Metropolitan City, International Competition

The role of the public library within the urban context of a city like Deagu is in flux. Traditionally related more to the lending and borrowing of books and providing study spaces, a public library today must do so much more; It must become a central gathering space that exchanges and absorbs information from the city it is located in. Our proposal for Daegu public library is conceived as an information portal that is both connected and connects to the city. The formal organization for the Daegu library emerges from a pinching of the floor slabs that create the structural framework for the building and provide oculus-like forms that open towards the city engaging the passersby. These oculi that open onto the city provide both the structural and organizing logic for the new building as well as acting as connectors to the city where information can flow into and also outwards.

Design:Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Client: Daegu Metropolitan City Suseong-gu Office
Area: - Site area: 2,080 m2 - Built-up area: 3,100 m2, 4 floors