Behind the City, urban development
Dubrovnik, Croatia. 2011
International Competition

The project provides a site for the convergence of the residents of the old and new city, and simultaneously strengthens the tourism industry. It creates a destination as well as an improved mode of access to city. The vision for the project emerges from the unique position of the site as an outer belt to the Roman walls both protecting and framing it, but also injecting it with new life and potential. The development is conceived as a dynamic urban strip with varying qualities and characteristics formed by four distinct zones which differentiate the experience and urban landscape : 1_City services, 2_Woodlands, 3_Event/programmed spaces, 4_Arts and recreation

Design Team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Assistant: Aviva Novick, assistant
Size: 10.200 m2 Project Site