Clausen Residence
Luxembourg, 2011-2015
House renovation

A residential renovation of a 4 story house in the city center of Luxembourg, entailed working within a very small foot print, as each floor is the size of one or two spaces: the ground has the kitchen and dining; the first floor is living and study; third floor is guest room and bathroom, fourth floor is master suite, with a small cellar in the basement. The renovation aimed to enhance the textures that were there by peeling away and exposing the previously hidden structure as an expressive part of the space, but it was also important to tie the compartmentalized spaces together, both vertically and horizontally. Vertically this was perused by working with types of wood to create a gradient from darker to lighter as you ascend up; horizontally, we aimed to tie the space together with furniture elements that would wrap around and unify the small footprint to make it feel larger, such as the kitchen counter wraps around to encompass the dining area.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, e+i partners
Renders: Erika Hrivikova, e+i assistant
Structural Consultant: HLG ingeniers conseils sarl
Private Client