Salt Lake City Public Plaza
Salt Lake City, Utah. 2010
public plaza and landscaping, proposal

Utah is known to the world for its intricately carved canyon landscapes that emerge as a multicolored stratascape from millions of years of wind, water and geologic movement. A perhaps lesser known quality is the modern commitment of its institutions and Universities towards research and technological advancement. Our proposal for Fluid Adagio brings together this bi-fold observation; while being heavily inspired by the evocative striated landscapes of the canyons, it also relies on technology as a means to efficiently and sustainably construct the proposal. The project creates an artificial landscape whose surfaces invite novel ways of moving through and inhabiting the space. Rather than a fixed, single way to use the project, the proposal attempts to bring in a variety of users; pedestrians, artists, children,... who can find innovative way of the using the intricately layered terrain Design Team: Eva Perez de Vega & Ian Gordon. Assistant: Flavia Bertorello

Design Team: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Flavia Bertorello, assistant