the Lab gallery, nyc. 2010
performance installation, built

Nuages is conceived of as a layered soft space that is intimate and evocative of mist and condensation. The cloud-like installation is materialized through hanging nylon string of varying densities and lengths that result in changing degrees of transparency. The work interfaces the very open and visible quality of the LAB gallery with a wish to create secluded and hidden zones where dancers moving in and around the installation can appear and disappear, creating an ambiguous ‘inbetween’ zone where exterior [audience] and interior[dancers] meet. The limits of the rectangular gallery space are visually dissolved though the layered strings, giving both audience and performers a sensation of an endlessly enveloping and boundary-less inner world.

e+i: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon, partners
Flavia Bertorello, assistant
nu dance theater: Eva Perrotta, Sophie Bortolussi
Photography: Brandon Jacobs-Mills
Installation assistants: Jacinda Ross, Monica Wynn, Adrienne Reynolds, Lauren Greenland, Dylan Kepp, Sarah Kaplan, Virginia Cayzer, Katherine Teague