Choreographing Space
New York City. 2007
Performance Installation, built

Choreographing Space was built and performed as an exploration into the overlaps of space, movement, and performance. By enveloping a an interior storefront space in Lower Manhattan with an interactive mesh capable of transformation, the project became at once performance event and architectural environment, fusing performer and audience, space and movement into one continuous experience oscillating between static and dynamic states. Open to the public as a relaxing, meditative, yet interactive environment during the day, it transformed into performance space in the evenings. Every event was uniquely curated, opening with a different film screening by a dancer/filmmaker and followed by live performances with sound pieces written specifically for each show.

design & fabrication: Eva Perez de Vega + Ian Gordon
dance/dance film/choreography: Maia Sørensen, Kristina Skovby, Arielle Javitch, Kim Jones, Nya Bowman, Stacey Kaplan, Liz Ross Yana Schnitzler, Eva Perrotta, Veruska Cantelli, Esther Eiras, Saskia Hannemann, Kristina Skjelberg
music: David Potaux‐Razel, Jean‐Philippe Feiss, April Koester, Robert Boston, Alex Davis | costume design: Atsuko Yagi
photography: Brandon Jacobs‐Mills, Julieta Cervantes
Installation assistants: Pablo Baquero, Flavia Bertorello, Merily Jurna, Eva Perrotta, Jennifer Riggi
Made possible by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council