Performance Arts Center
Roosevelt Island, New York. 2005
Landscape and new building structures

The proposal is born from identifying the potential offered by the unique intersection of old and the new; nature and artifice; landscape and water. As such, the strategies for intervention very literally attempted to intertwine these seemingly opposite conditions into an emergent structure capable of going beyond the dichotomy of new and old. Thus, new wall-like structures weave through the old ruin and reach out to the entire site; intertwining and intersecting themselves to create pockets of program and landscape. Bridge-like roof structures emerge from the walls and ground to shelter and protect the Center, not conceived as a discrete addition to the existing structure, as old versus new, but as a hybrid typology born from the ruin and capable of giving it a new life.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega
Jury Selection Prize
Exhibited at the center for architecture
Organized by AIA Emerging New York Architects