Prehistory Museum
Jeongok, S. Korea. 2006
International Competition, Merit Award

The design for the Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum was born from the natural flows through the site that connect the existing facilities without interfering with the existing topographical conditions. Thus the proposed museum structures are quite literally a materialization of those flows, and its design allows for the flows to be intensified at specific moments with program and structure. The identification of the basalt precipice as a crucial and central component to the design suggested the possibility of bridge-like structures that would have the double function of allowing the viewing from above of the basalt crevice while minimizing any disturbance to the site and its geology. Furthermore a bridge structure would allow a certain elevation above ground, thus permitting excellent views of the natural surroundings without the need of an additional structure. Thus the museum structures are two intersecting bridges of poured in place concrete, structurally and working as one.

Design: Eva Perez de Vega
Client: Gyeonggi Provincial Government