Asplund library addition
Stockholm, Sweden. 2006
24,000m2 Building Addition

The nature of a public library today has changed drastically since Asplund designed the central building. The entire idea of self-service has made the need for a central controlling librarian figure obsolete. Thus the library addition proposed takes Asplund's gesture and converts it into a decentralized organizational system that uses repetition of structural elements to modulate the library flows and interior spaces. The existing areas of vertical circulation in the annexes were replaced with hyperboloid structures that become circulation cores for the entire new building; transforming the annexes into an integral part of the new library. Furthermore, the annexes become part of the interior landscape of the new building, which hovers over them, supported by the hyperboloid structures.

Team: Eva Perez de Vega, lead designer
Jennifer Riggi, assistant
Selected for exhbit at the Center for Swedish Architects, 2006