New York City, MGSCD. 2006
Choreography and set, costume design

The concept for this piece was inspired by the work done by by anthropologist Edward Hall in the 1960's. In his words: "Like gravity, the influence of two bodies on each other is inversely proportional not only to the square of their distance but possibly even the cube of the distance between them." According to Hall, the space we instinctively generate around our body is an unitentional reaction to sensory fluctuations or shifts. The choreography used cocoon-like set elemets that the dancers interacted with in order to materialize this spatial distance. The edging of these elements is fluorescent so that part of the choreography was in the dark and just

choreography, set + costumes: Eva Perez de Vega
dancers: Olympia Kapatou, Becky Chang, Eva Perez de Vega
music: -Le Sacre du Moment, Horts Rickels
-Gnossienne No.1, composed by Erik Satie, performed by John Williams, Guitar.