+ W.A.T.E.R. development
Benzu, Ceuta, Spain. 2005
Urban Planning & Residential

Through an environmental housing programme based on water and energy self-sufficiency, the entire Benzu area is developed in harmonious coexistence with the surrounding landscape. Thus, public land, infrastructure and urban services respond to the same energy and water strategies as does the housing by extracting energy sources from the site itself and taking advantage of its geographic location. Multifunctional rainwater collectors are dispersed throughout the proposal, so that no water is wasted- but rather reused for public services, such as cleaning and gardening. In the more specific case of the housing development, these water collectors become an integral part of the living unit; both structurally and in terms of collecting other resources. Solar panels and telecommunication devices, together with the clean water tanks allow for complete self-sufficiency of the housing unit.

designer: Eva Perez de Vega
Selected for exhbit at Centro de Arquitectura Madrid, 2006