parachute pavilion
Coney Island, New York. 2005
International Competition, beachscape award

The irresistible synthetic nature of Coney Island's early great days- sets the stage for a pavilion of unnatural phenomena that shifts us through various pleasures; aesthetic, culinary, cultural, and commercial, where unexpected spaces and programs unfold. The Parachute Pavilion is thus a journey into new synthetic landscapes, both interior and exterior, that constantly redefine Coney Island's position in history, and what it can become in the future. The landscape begins with an undulating roofscape that captures reflections of the sun and sea and defines the programmed areas below. The continuity of the roof’s standing seams is interrupted by parachute-like structures that puncture it and extend below towards the programmed spaces; hovering over them as unnatural glowing objects. These pods are especially programmed spaces that envelop us seamlessly and serve as eyes that turn their gaze towards the parachute jump landmark; visually reconnecting us to Coney Island.

designer: Eva Perez de Vega
New building and landscape
Selected for exhbit at the Van Alen Institute in New York, 2005