Beck's Creative Laboratory
Milan, Italy. 2004
Restaurant and exhibit concept

The design for Beck's new creative laboratory is an ever-changing floor topography; where different elements emerge from the ground to allow the space to be transformed from a night club, to a bar, to a lounge, to an exhibit space, or any combination. When the Beck's key button embedded in the floor is pushed, the hydraulic pump in the slab is activated and from the luminescent floor emerges a pod that unfolds into a table/stool assembly. Each pod is accessed individually so as to create an almost infinite combination of arrangements and allow the space to always be different and never look unoccupied. The space is also enveloped by a more permanent lounge-type seating, formed by a continuous band along the perimeter wall. Parallel to the lounge seating are low tables also activated by stepping on the glowing key sign embedded in the floor. The entrance door is a large glass pivot door with Beck's Key silk-screened on. A new product called plexi-neon is used to create a dynamic lighting effect, carrying our eye all the way to the back of the space.

designer: Eva Perez de Vega
Selected for exhbit at the Milan Design Fair, 2004
Published on designboom