aromatherapy center
Usera district in Madrid, Spain, 2001
Eva Perez de Vega's thesis project at ETSAM

The project reveals the continued interest in using ephemeral forces, such as scent and movement, as generators of architectural resolutions that also aim to have a social and ethical dimension. Conceived as a self-sustaining center, where all the herbs used inside are produced in the garden and landscaped areas of the site, the aromatherapy center acts as a connector between two existing parks, aiming to provide a continuous park-like experience to this very dense low-income area of Madrid. The project consists of three spatially and programmatically interconnected areas, that extend out into the aromatic parks that envelopes them. Zone A, contains linear functions of distilling and preparing the herbs for use, Zone B contains the aromatic baths, zone C is the cultural zone with a aromateque, mediateque and temporary exhibit and workshop areas.

Thesis project of Eva Perez de Vega at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid
Supervised by Federico Soriano