Rhino 1 workshop
Description: This course delivers a concise introduction to rhino and an overview of fundamental skills for creating and editing geometry.

WITH: Rhino Certified Intructor Ian Gordon
LOCATION: e+i office in Manhattan's Chinatown

REQUIREMENTS: No prior knowledge required.
Bring Laptop with a 3-button mouse and rhino installed (preferably PC), or reserve one HERE
If you are taking course remotely pleaase 'tech-check' your laptop


• Overall familiarity with the Rhino interface
• An introduction to Rhino geometry types
• Essential skills for creating and editing geometry
• Precision modeling using snaps, guides, and cplanes
• Modeling with curves and surfaces
• Modeling with solids
• Organizing objects via layers

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• Workshops are Sundays from 3:00pm-7:00pm EST with a 15min break
• Once you register we will email you with details for you to 'TECH CHECK' your laptop

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